• Arctic Blast

    Flexible sizes from 10m2

    The temperature reduction zone of a ArcticBlast 5 is more than 20 m2 – with pallet footprints of 1.2 m2 (UK) and 0.96 m2 (EU) the realistic pallet capacity for fastest results, including free space for air circulation, is 10 pallets. Smaller ArcticBlast sizes/ lower effect models are available. For 3 pallets a standard ArcticStore 10’ will work quite well with rapid chilling and even blast freezing small volumes.

    Rapid chilling fruit and vegetables

    calculated on average values 20.000 KG of fruit or vegetables will reduce by 1°C each 20 minutes or be cooled to +5°C core temperature from 30°C in approx. 8 hours.

    Blast freezing meats

    Different meats also have different thermal loss values; the greater the fat % then the faster the heat loss. Again using averages 20.000 KG at (+5°C) of high % fat beef will be frozen to -18°C core temperature in approx. 22 hours whereas lean beef requires almost 30 hours. Typically meats take between 1 hour and 1½ hours per 1.000 KG from +5°C to core temperature of -18°C

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  • Arctic Store

    Designed and built with the user, reliability, performance and running costs in focus ArcticStore bring a new dimension to the temperature controlled, portable cold storage market.
    For customers who do not need 3 or more pallet wide cold stores, ArcticStore deliver an extremely cost efficient alternative to all other products available in the market! If you require 3 or more pallet wide please ask about our Super- Store models.

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  • Arctic Super Store

    Starting with 58m2 and increasing with 29m2 per unit there is almost no limit on the size of the installation. Suitable for use inside, outside or connected to buildings. Using purpose designed and manufactured 40’ container modules Arctic SuperStore combine the many advantages that containers have with the flexibility of wide body storage modules and more.
    The Super2 model has 42 UK/51 EU pallet capacity. If you are short of space SuperStore can be stacked on top of each other.

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  • UltraFreezer

    Designed to transport and safely maintain products which are at their best when sustained at ultra-low temperatures, the UltraFreezer ™’s versatility suits a variety of products including sea food, pharmaceuticals, cultures, vaccines, and medicines.

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