• Digital Brinell hardness tester

    Innovative closed-loop technology. The tester incorporates the latest load cell technology. The test load is applied via a closed-loop control unit with a load cell, a DC motor and an electronic measurement and control unit. The result is highly accurate Brinell hardness measurements at all test loads up to 0.5%. The common load overshoot or undershoot as known from traditional dead weight, or open-loop, systems is eliminated. The absence of mechanical weights not only eliminates friction problems but also makes the equipment less sensitive to miss alignments caused by vibrations.

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  • Hardness Testing Series-Phase II

    Designed to test All material in a chosen scale, the new PHASE II hardness testers are capable of measuring surface hardness of metals with flat, thin, round or large surfaces. Accurate measurements of steels and aluminum are easily attained with these compact instruments. “

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  • Rockwell scale hardness tester

    This hardness tester comprises the very best in “state of the art” design coupled with dynamic precision only found at Phase II. The 900-331 Rockwell scale hardness tester is easy to operate yet engineered to obtain highly sensitive and accurate readings. A perfect, rugged performer suited for almost any environment including heat treat facilities, tool rooms, workshops, laboratories and inspection labs. Lifetime technical support is included on all Phase II Hardness Testers. So test away with confidence and a level of accuracy you will only find at Phase II.

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  • Surface Roughness Gauge Series-Phase II

    The SRG-Series Phase II determines surface roughness parameters Ra,Rz, Rms(Rq) and Rt within a wide measuring range. The piezo-electric pick-up stylus with diamond tip assures a very reliable measurement within tolerances that conform to ASME B46.1. Surface Roughness parameter Ra is computed to conform to ISO and Rz is computed to conform to DIN.

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    SRG 2000

    SRG 4000

    SRG 4500

    SRG 4600















  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Series-Phase II

    Our new State of the art, digital tester is packed with features typically found on high end models only. This multi-functional unit offers everything from basic measurement, Thru Coating capabilities, Scanning Capabilities, Adjustable Sound Velocity, extended memory and USB output capabilities. This dynamic sonic gauge is designed to measure the thickness of metallic and non-metallic materials such as steel, aluminum, titanium, plastics, ceramics, glass and any other good ultrasonic wave conductor as long as it has parallel top and bottom surfaces. The UTG-Series will accurately display readings in either inch or millimeter after a simple calibration to a known thickness or sound velocity.

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    UTG 1500

    UTG 2650