5030/6030 Indentec Macro Hardness Tester Zwick

5030/6030 Indentec Macro Hardness Tester Zwick

Range of applications
• Vickers testing to ISO 6507 and ASTM E384, UKAS accredite.

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Product Description

Special Characteristics
• Capable of performing tests using forces : 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30 kgf, with additional 50 kgf force on 5030SKV / TKV.
• Unique nose mounted indenter, allows access to awkward to reach test points.
• Fully automatic testing cycle, eliminates operator influence on the test results.
• Test scale designation on display.
• Bar graph and audible signal to confirm test routine with display of dwell countdown.
• Alarm to warn of aborted test, ensuring a valid test has been completed.
• UKAS accredited indenters and test blocks
• RS232C output to PC and printer (LKV = single, SKV / TKV = twin)
• Automatic conversion to alternative scales
• Audible and visual indication of “out of tolerance” results, eliminating operator decisions.
• Built in data processing capability. (SKV / TKV)
• Dead weight load application provides long term test force stability.
• Full range of standard accessories.
• Calculation of average (X-bar) and range (R).
• 12 component/test data files (TKV), reduce the requirement for a PC when data storage and analysis is required.
• Variable dwell times times, 1 to 50 s.
• Design of special purpose fixtures available.
• Brinell software option, utilises a 1mm Ø ball to give F/d².ratios of 1,5,10 and 30.
• Upgradeable with a camera and video monitor or PC and Computer Assisted Measurement Software (CAMS) to remove operator influence.


Calibration ISO 6507 & ASTM E384
Standard Specimen Accommodation Vertical: 250 mm (10”). Throat: 150 mm (6”)
(Larger capacity machines also available)
Services 3 A single phase, 240/120 V switchable
Machine Dimensions H: 782 mm
W: 348 mm
D: 700 mm
Shipping Details One case
Volume: 0.47 m³
Dims: 840 x 550 x 1000 mm
Net wt: 90 kg. Gross wt: 105 kg
Feature 6030LKV 5030SKV 5030TKV
Automatic Test Cycle
Measuring Resolution
0.1 μ e.g. 0.2468 mm
0.1 HV e.g. 527.4 HV 10
Scale Designation
Data Processing
X-bar R Calculation (display & print)
X-bar R Charts (display & print)
Component/Test Data Files
Histogram (display & print)
Capability Indices (display & print)
Standard Deviation (display & print)
Pass/Fail Summary (display & print)
Automatic Scale Conversion
± Tolerance Limit
Load/Scale Selection Lever-operated Powered Powered
Programmable Dwell Times 1 to 50s
RS232C Ports Single Twin Twin
Internal Clock
  • already included in the scope of supply


Standard Accessories

  • One Diamond Pyramid Indenter
  • One 70mm dia. Flat Anvil
  • One 6mm Spot & Vee Anvil
  • One Vickers Test Block
  • Machine Cover
  • User Instructions
  • Brinell Software Option : Software combined with a 1mm Ø to provide F/d² ratios of 1, 5, 10 and 30. (Contact your agent for further details.)