CFlow Extrution Plastomester Zwick

CFlow Extrution Plastomester Zwick

Applicational range

 The Cflow is a compact instrument that allows rapid determination of the Melt mass flow rate of plastics. It is specifically designed for the processors of plastics that are less subject to extrusion tests and which do not require a connection to a PC.

The temperature control of the heating elements, the heating chamber and the extrusion barrel are perfectly matched to each other. The temperature is generated where it is needed. That ensures an excellent distribution of temperature across the full height of the barrel from the outset.

Rapid device control is facilitated by the test granulate contained in the scope of delivery. Addition control options are available for the temperature in the extrusion barrel, for the diameter of orifices and barrels with plug gages. An automatic or manual extrudate cutter, a separating door and a die plug are optionally available for the Cflow.

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Product Description

• The extrusion behavior of plastics is tested safely and quickly according to Method A
• You hold the test weight in the pre-heating position with the optionally available spacer
• Extensive accessories, such as the automatic or manual extrudate cutter, are also available

Technical data of the instruments
Power consumption 500 W
Weight 46.6 kg (all equipment included)
Dimensions: height x width x depth 850 x 270 x 400 mm (incl. weights, all equipment included)
Display Doublespaced, actual / set value temperature display, backlit
Operational ranges
Test loads 0.325 up to 21.6 kg
Temperature range +125 up to +400 °C
Error limits
Temperature accuracy in the area of 0 to 75 mm over the
orifice in the temperature range of 190°C to 300 °C < 0.3 °C with distance and with time, acc. to ISO 11322
Temperature display resolution 0.1 °C
Error limit of time measurement (Method A) ±0.02 s using automatic extrudate cutter
  • Test weights (325 g and 16 kg)
  • Funnel
  • Cleaning accessories (cleaning rod, cleaning brush, cleaning pads (500 pieces), orifice cleaning drill Ø 095 mm) for extrusion barrel and orifice
  • Test granulate and a filling channel for the granulate