3103 IHRD Micro Compact Hardness Tester Zwick

3103 IHRD Micro Compact Hardness Tester Zwick

Range of application
The IRHD micro compact hardness tester (Zwick 3103) is designed for hardness tests to IRHD micro on plastics and rubber. The requirements of test standards ISO 48, ASTM D 1415, NFT 46003, and BS 903, part A26 are achieved.
The hardness tester is used in quality assurance, in goods receiving and outgoing goods checks at manufacturers and processors from the plastics and rubber industry.

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Product Description

Feature & Advantage :

  • The IRHD micro compact hardness tester consists of a test stand with an inbuilt support table for adjusting the height of the specimen and an IRHD micro measurement device (ISO 48) with integrated electronics. The hardness tester can be used for tests on O rings, seals, shaped parts and hoses where by the minimum thickness must be 0.6 mm.
  •  A 1 line LC display provides information of the measurement range, the measurement time, and the test data.
  • A code switch allows to set the measurement time (0…99 s) and the language (g/e/f).
  •  The test data is shown automatically on the display after the measurement time has expired. The test data can be transmitted to a PC for further processing and archiving via an RS-232 interface. When using the test software testXpert II the test results are automatically transmitted and statistically evaluated in a correspondingly prepared test report. A meaningful test report is a must according to ISO 9000 to guarantee the best quality of your products.
  •  Convincing points are:
     short familiarization time
     short test cycle
     no tiring approach to the starting test point „100“
     efficient positioning for series tests
     no adjustment necessary
  •  Quick centering device for O rings (option): This test stand is a centering station for Orings to control the positioning as measurements on O rings with an IRHD or Shore hardness tester are almost impossible without a fixing device.
  •  A special centering station for centering rubber hoses is optionally available.
  •  Magnifying glass with swivel arm (option).


Technical data
Soft touch keyboard with LCdisplay 1line
Measurement time 0 ... 99 s
Power supply 230 V/~50 Hz or 115 V/~ 60 Hz
Power consumption max 15 VA
Interface/data output, baud rate RS-232 C, V24, 600...9600 Baud
Dimensions 200 x 250 x 550 mm
Weight test stand/measuring device 11 kg



Description Item number
Quick centering device for Orings (material dia. 0.6 ... 5 mm) 890247
Shiftable mounting block with prism for exact centering of hoses; 890246
can be placed on the test anvil
Magnifying glass with swivel arm, x2,5 890245
Manufacturer’s testing certificate to ISO 48 for IRHD micro with the supplement measurement means to 891103
ISO 9000: check of preload, main load, total load, contact pressure, loading sleeve, indenter
Official DAkkS/DKD calibration certificate to ISO 48 for IRHD micro 307666
(the verification is carried out according to the technical guidelines of the Phys.Techn. Bundesanstalt)
pressure plate and indentor, indenter travel, forces at the ball, force at the pressure plate