DS. Esthetic

DS. Esthetic

Rp 1,100,000

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Product Description

Indication for use

All class of esthetic restoration for anterior and posterior.

1.Sophisticated esthetic restoration with multi-layer system
DX.Esthetic composite multi-layer system is consisted of three different types of composite which are DX.Posterior(Dentin Shade), DX.Anterior(Enamel Shade) and DX.Anterior(Incisal Shade). They have different shades and different opacities. By choosing multi shade system, Dentex esthetic composite can create a real natural looking teeth and provide truly esthetic restoration.

2. Multi layer shade system base on VITA shade selection
DENTEX esthetic multi-layer system is based on VITA CLASSIC shade. It can cover most ordinary tooth shade. By using DX.Esthetic shade guide, doctors can easily choose relative dentin, enamel and incisal shade so that everyone can perform esthetic restoration with simplicity and relax.

3. Enamel composite with superior polishing effect
DX.Anterior composite is a nano-filler composite. The average filler size is less than 0.1um. Due to the feature of nano-filler, DX.Anterior composite effectively simulated teeth enamel function. It has unsurpassed polishing feature, great translucency and very high wear resistance. It is perfectly suitable for enamel layer when making multi layer restoration.

4. Dentin composite with excellent strength and wear resistance
DX.Posterior composite has a content filling rate of 82% by weight. With such high filling rate, composite obtains high  ompressive strength, flexural strength and wear resistance. It can bear high chewing force and not easy to be broken. Therefore it is an ideal material for posterior restoration. Also because it has less transparency compared with other type of composite, it is always used to simulate teeth dentin when making multi layer restoration.