Material testing machines Z2000E and Z2500E

Material testing machines Z2000E and Z2500E


  • Display-equipped remote control for testControl II
  • Measured-value transmission-rate increase from standard 500 Hz to 2000Hz
  • Add-on table unit for electronics cabinet, with CPU-holder
  • Zwick extensometer attachment (see catalog)
  • Front/rear safety device
  • Lead-screw guard

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Product Description

Modern load-frame design
• The robust load-frame features four hard-chromed guide-columns and massive base and moving crossheads, ensuring excellent guidance properties and a high level of machine stiffness.
• Maintenance-free digitally controlled AC drive technology combined with an innovative motor feedback system allows excellent constant speed characteristics to be achieved even at extremely low speeds.
• The backlash-free pre-stressed precision ball-screws with digitally controlled AC servo drive allow virtually maintenance-free operation.
• The large test area combined with low overall height enables specimens and components with a wide range of lengths to be tested.
• The testing machine is positioned directly on the ground with no foundation.

Operator convenience
• Convenient operating height for specimen insertion with grips installed.
• testXpert II’s intelligent test environment concept reduces set-up times and increases productivity.

Innovative electronics
• The new testControl II measurement and control electronics provide the ideal basis for precise, reproducible test results.
• Developed in-house by Zwick, the electronics impress through maximum accuracy, high measured-value rates and flexible modularity.

Satisfying the most demanding safety requirements
• Compliance with the statutory safety requirements of the EC Machinery Directive is ensured in all materials testing machines, while an EC Declaration of Conformity accompanies every machine supplied.
• Only the latest safety technology and proven industrial components are used.
• The highest degree of safety for the operator, test results, specimen material, and testing system are guaranteed.

• Modular design means that the testing system can be re-equipped or upgraded whenever required.
• Moreover, testControl II control electronics are compatible with future-generation Zwick software.
• Even after a product has been discontinued, spare parts remain available for a minimum of 10 years.

Technical data of the instruments

Type Z2000E Z2500E  
Item number 1019978 1017639
Load frame
Test force FNin tens./comp. direction 2000 2500 kN
No. of guide columns 4 4
No. of drive screws 2 2
Stiffness of load frame at H2 = 1000 mm 3351 3351 kN/mm
Height - H1 4310 4310 mm
Width - B1 2000 2000 mm
Depth - T1 1160 1160 mm
Test area width - B2 1180 1180 mm
Test area height - H2 2686 2686 mm
Test stroke - H3 (with hydraulic grips) 1150 1150 mm
Weight without accessories 11000 12560 kg
with hydraulic grips 14600 16400 kg
Specific floor loading (with hydraulic 2.2 2.5 kg/cm2
Noise level at maximum test speed <75 <75 dBA
Crosshead speed 0.0001 to 325 0.0001 to 325 mm/min
Increased crosshead return speed (at 350 420 mm/min
reduced force)      
Drive travel resolution 0.000124 0.000124 μm