Proline table-top testing machines Z005-Z100

Proline table-top testing machines Z005-Z100

Range of application

The ProLine materials testing machine product group was primarily developed for standardized tests on materials and components. Used in conjunction with the intuitive testXpert II software, ProLine materials testing machines are fast and very easy to operate.

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Product Description

Made in Germany
ProLine, including all mechanical, electronic and software components, together with the extensive range of accessories are developed and produced at Zwick Roell’s production facility in Germany and are therefore ideally matched to each other. This means that zwickiLine is an extremely high-quality product and also allows Zwick to offer the best possible support.

Precision crosshead guides
ProLine’s moving crosshead is guided very accurately via two steel columns, enabling precise force application to the specimen. This is advantageous for flexure, tests, compression tests, precision tests on components etc.

Exclusively from Zwick: Xforce load cells
ProLine materials testing machines are equipped with Xforce load cells developed and manufactured in the Zwick Roell Group. The effect of parasitic influences (such as temperature and transverse forces) on test results is significantly less than with other, comparable load cells. In addition, Xforce loads cells are very stable and less sensitive to transverse forces in compression and flexure tests, for example.






Load frame

Finish RAL 7021 black grey, stainless steel metallic,
RAL 3031 orientred
Ambient temperature +10 ... +35 °C
Air humidity 20 ... 90 %
Conformity ISO 9000 and CE

Drive system

Motor AC servo-motor
Input signal, set-value preset digital (real-time Ethernet, EtherCAT®)
Controller / Cycle time adaptive / 1000 Hz
Positioning, repetition accuracy ±2 µm
Permissible feedback energy Up to 50 % machine utilization

Measurement and control electronics

Number of slots available for measurement 2 synchronized module bus slots (expandable to 5)(1
and control modules 1 synchronised PCIe slots
Force measurement grade 0.5 / 1 see load cell, to
DIN EN ISO 75001, ASTM E4,
Measurement range up to 165 % of F
Calculated resolution (e.g. in tensile / compression direction) 24 bits
Data acquisation rate, internal 400 kHz
Test data transmission rate to the PC 500 Hz (optional 2000 Hz)
Zeropoint correction automatically at measurement begin
Measurement signal runtime correction for all channels yes
Interface for PC Ethernet
Eco Mode yes, power section automatically switched off (time adjustable)
CE conformity yes, according to machine guidelines 2006/42/EG

Power ratings

Electrical connections 230 VAC
Range of tolerance ± 10 %
Mains frequency 50/60 Hz

(1 A DCSC module is included in delivery (occupies one module bus slot).


  • The Zwick 7101 manual cutting press

is operated by an exentric lever. The press is designed for mounting up to four cutting dies simultaneously. It is also suitable for rectangular specimens up to 160 x 30 mm and squared specimens 75 x 75 mm (option).

  • Zwick 7108 pneumatic cutting press

allows higher cutting forces. Two-handed operation with a safety interlock and the fasteners for the cutting blades are part of the standard equipment.

  • The ZCP 020 manual cutting press

employs the bent lever principle. Interesting detail solutions allow exact, energy-saving, and comfortable operation. The bent lever length was selected to achieve up to 30 % higher cutting force in the starting range compared to conventional presses. This cutting press distinguishes itself through its operator friendly construction. It can be placed on any work or laboratory table or mounted at the optimal height on a sturdy wall.