Designed to transport and safely maintain products which are at their best when sustained at ultra-low temperatures, the UltraFreezer ™’s versatility suits a variety of products including sea food, pharmaceuticals, cultures, vaccines, and medicines.

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Product Description

When you need go lower than the standard -40°C you need the extra refrigeration power of our UltraFreezer™ Minus 60°C is extremely cold and there are naturally only limited products that need temperatures lower than -40°C. Tuna and some other fish species are best stored at these ultra low temperatures in order to preserve that ‘just caught’ freshness. Other products include pharmaceuticals, cultures, vaccines, medicines and of course there
are scientific and cold testing applications. The containers are designed and built for these extreme low temperatures and feature additional insulation for improved K values, strengthed doors and panels to resist the strains of short term vacuum during pull down and the normal T-section floor has been maintained to facilitate maximum air flow under the contents. Internal aluminium chequer plate linings replace standard stainless steel for
extra panel strength. The 380/440V 3 phase refrigeration plant includes a pressure  qualising valve to avoid long term vacuum inside the container.

Connect to a building
ArcticBlast, Blast ‘n Store and UltraFreezer can be connected to an
existing building with a connecting tunnel. We can even install inside
an existing building always provided the dimensions permit.

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10ft, 20ft, 40ft