Zeta 1 Ultra

Zeta 1 Ultra

Zhermack Spa, founded in 1981, offers cutting edge materials and solutions for impressions in the surgery and laboratory, in this way positioning itself among the most important companies in the dental sector.


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Product Description

Aldehyde-free concentrated full spectrum for disinfection of surgical and rotating instruments


  • ZETA 1 ULTRA is an aldehyde-free concentrated full spectrum disinfection, developed and tested according to the latest harmonised European disinfection standards
  • ZETA 1 ULTRA is specially formulated for the high-level disinfection of surgical and rotary dental instruments, including the most delicate (scalpels, pliers, tweezers, burs, mirrors, probes, etc.).


  • 1% solution: add 10ml of ZETA 1 ULTRA to each litre of water at room temperature using the practical dispenser cap.
  • One litre of ZETA 1 ULTRA gives 100 litres of disinfectant solution.
    Immerse the instruments in the bath:

    • For 15 minutes to achieve the following activities: Bactericidal (EN13727), Fungicidal (EN13624 and EN14562, Candida albicans) Tubercolicidal (EN14348, EN14563) complete Micobactericidal (EN14348) complete Virucidal (EN14476, “clean” conditions).
    • For 60 minutes to achieve the following activities: Bactericidal (EN14561), complete Fungicidal (EN13624 and EN14562, including Aspergyllus niger), Micobactericidal (EN14563), complete Virucidal (EN14476, “dirty” conditions).
  • Ultra asound: 1% solution: the use of ultrasonic equipment at 30°C reduces contact time by 10 minutes.