Zeta 3 Foam

Zeta 3 Foam

Zhermack Spa, founded in 1981, offers cutting edge materials and solutions for impressions in the surgery and laboratory, in this way positioning itself among the most important companies in the dental sector.


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Product Description

Aldehyde-free, broad spectrum, ready-to-use disinfectant detergent. Lemon fragrance.


  • Because of its excellent compatibility with all materials, Zeta 3 Foam is especially recommended for disinfecting delicate surfaces
  • Zeta 3 Foam is specially formulated for rapid, high-level disinfection of surfaces and medical devices (handpieces, shelves, dental units, contra-angles, instrument trays, film holders, light handles, dental units’ basins, etc.) between one patient and the next


  • Spray Zeta 3 Foam over all the surfaces and medical devices to be disinfected. Leave the foam for at least 1
    minute, then clean the surfaces/devices with a tissue and dry them off
  • Alternatively, you can spray Zeta 3 Foam on to a tissue and wipe over the surfaces or devices to be disinfected