Zeta 3 Wipes Total

Zeta 3 Wipes Total

Zhermack Spa, founded in 1981, offers cutting edge materials and solutions for impressions in the surgery and laboratory, in this way positioning itself among the most important companies in the dental sector.


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Product Description

Ready-to-use wipes, dampened with a disinfectant and detergent solution with low alcohol content


Zeta 3 WipesTOTAL are recommended for rapid cleaning, disinfection, deodorisation and cleaning, between patients, of medical device surfaces (handpieces, contra-angle handpieces, dental equipment, etc.)*

* Before use, check that the surfaces to be treated are compatible with products which contain alcohol: do not use on delicate areas or areas sensitive to alcohol


  • Open the Zeta 3 WipesTOTAL refill, remove a wipe from the centre of the roll and pass it through the cover slits, then close the tub
  • Remove a wipe from the package pulling horizontally and with a sharp action, separate it from the others
  • Rub the surface to be disinfected with the wipe
  • Leave it to act for at least 1 minute and leave to dry. Close the tub correctly
  • TOTAL protection against most infections encountered


  • Wide spectrum of action compliant with the latest European standards
  • Increased saturation %: damper and longer-lasting wipes, to disinfect and clean larger surfaces
  • Powerful detergent effect
  • Good compatability with materials (Alcohol content < 49%)
  • Fresh and deodorizing smell
  • Dries quickly without leaving halo effects
  • Class IIa medical device in compliance with Directive 93/42/EEC relative to medical devices

Active ingredients

Zeta 3 wipesTOTAL are dampened with a disinfectant solution containing:

  • ethanol (34.4%)
  • isopropanol (14%)