Zmack Bond

Zmack Bond

Zhermack Spa, founded in 1981, offers cutting edge materials and solutions for impressions in the surgery and laboratory, in this way positioning itself among the most important companies in the dental sector.


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Product Description

Zmack® bond etch and rinse adhesive is a light-cured self-priming dental adhesive designed to bond resin-based materials to enamel and dentin, indicated for: direct, light-cured composite and compomer restoratives, composite and compomer repairs, cementation of indirect restorations with a light-cured resin cement.


  • Technique tolerant, excellent performance on both humid or dry* dentine (*up to 10 sec)
  • Easy to apply, even penetration into the tissues, without the need of brushing it
  • Easy application, the visible bright glistening aspect facilitates application and prevents uncovered zones
  • A single coat application creates the necessary film layer to provide excellent adhesive zone
  • Creates reinforced and resistant marginal seal among the restoration, to prevent micro-leakage
  • Avoidance of postoperative sensitivity: as a result of synchronization of the effective bonding behavior with zmack® comp low polymerization shrinkage
  • Sealing outcome prevents marginal discolouration


  • Effective on both humid or dry* dentine (*up to 10 sec)
  • Self priming: avoids the need of 3 steps application
  • Visible bright glistening aspect
  • Excellent wetability, easy to apply
  • Single coat application and polymerization
  • High bond strength
  • Composition and function:
    • PENTA: adhesion promoter
    • TCB: acidic methacrylate resin
    • UDMA: methacrylate resin
    • TEGDMA: methacrylate resin
    • HEMA: wetting agent
    • Nanofiller: increases strength, ~ 8nm
    • Camphorquinone: photoinitiator
    • Stabilizer: ensures shelf life
    • Tertiary-butanol: solvent (< 25%)
  • 2-years shelf life